Bicycle policy plan of Antwerp city 2015-2019

  Bicycle policy plan of Antwerp city 2015-2019

Bicycle plan Antwerp city

Facts & figures Antwerp

 In 2016 the 2 bicycle counters registered 2.131.502 cyclists
More than 700 km cycle paths
About  553000 bicycles in antwerpen
About 50% People of Antwerp cycle very often or regularly


Bicycle Policy Plan 2015-2019

 A. Growth, economy, capacity
Growth of the population
 Being careful with the available space in the city. Chosing smart solutions for the bicycle
 Growth of the economy
 Reinforcing the bicycle in the daily commute, guaranteeing the accessibility (e.g. entrepreneurs by bike), optimising bicycle tourism, as ‘social’ mode of transport, as transport for goods and people.
 The capacity of our network
The bicycle can play a crucial role in the development of a super mobile city. Optimising the use of the different networks and modes.

 B. An active and accessible cycle city
Bicycle as ideal mode of transport
 Taking residents and visitors from activity to activity and bringing people from outside into the bustling city.
 Bicycle supports a socially inclusive policy
Antwerp wants the bicycle to enable full participation in city life for as much as people possible.

  C. Antwerp as world-class cycle city

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